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Shifu Lee Smith

“Master Lee” / Founder of Silver Tiger Martial Arts Academy


Brief History: Began martial arts training in early 1973 (main styles listed):

  • White Dragon Gung Fu – Bak Leen Pai Temple (Pai Lum) – Chinatown/Boston, MA
  • Boxing – Boston, MA
  • Northern Praying Mantis / Tan Tui – Wah Lum Kung Fu – Boston, MA
  • Golden Lynx – Boston, MA
  • Drunken Boxing – Boston, MA
  • Nan Quan (Southern Fist) – Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi – Boston, MA
  • Yang Style Taijiquan – Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi – Boston, MA
  • San Da (Chinese Kickboxing) – Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi – Boston, MA
  • Shaolin Gung Fu – Shaolin Kung Fu & Culture Foundation – N. Providence, RI
  • Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters – Flushing, NY


Instruction Experience (1985 to Present):

  • Mission Hill Community Center – Roxbury, MA
  • RTH Community Center – Mission Park – Boston, MA
  • YMCA – Boston, MA
  • MIT – Cambridge, MA
  • Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute – Boston, MA
  • Charles River Park Rec. Center – Boston, MA
  • Lee Carl’s Martial Arts – Boston/Cambridge/Quincy, MA
  • Universal Karate Academy – Quincy, MA
  • Nick Cerio’s Karate/Kenpo – Plainville, MA
  • Fire Dragon Martial Arts Academy – Boston, MA
  • Silver Tiger Martial Arts Academy – Boston & Quincy, MA / East Providence & Johnston, RI


Overall Experience:

  • Southern Style Champion, 6 consecutive years (retired undefeated).
  • Recognized martial arts authority and current member of World Martial Arts Federation
  • Invited by American European Shaolin Association to perform in 2004 International Masters Demonstration – Hoboken, NJ
  • World Martial Arts Federation Hall of Fame – 2004 Chinese Martial Arts Instructor of the Year
  • Students have achieved awards in empty-hand and weapon forms, as well as fighting competitions at beginner, intermediate and advance levels.
  • Choreographed and performed in exhibitions for tournaments, martial art schools and various business openings.
  • Performed in “First Night” New Years Eve show in Chinatown/Boston, MA
  • Action choreographer for theatre productions (including liturgical and non-liturgical dance routines).
  • Chinese New Year participant in martial arts exhibition in Chinatown/Boston, MA
  • Tournament Judge for various martial arts schools and organizations
  • Women’s self-defense program director – Boston, MA
  • Featured in televised martial arts presentations – Boston, MA
  • Personal trainer to martial arts instructors of various styles
  • Student and Manager of Shaolin Kung Fu & Culture Foundation (North Providence, RI)
  • 2011 Seminar Promoter for Shaolin Temple (Flushing, NY)
  • 2014 USMAA Hall of Fame – Lifetime Achievement Award (Frederick, MD)



From my first grandmaster, the late Dr. Daniel Pai, and my first shifu, Chow Ming Lum, I have learned many things. One of the most important was UNDERSTANDING MYSELF AND FINDING PEACE WITHIN.” I have applied this concept not only to martial arts training, but also to life as well.